Our investigators are highly qualified, trustworthy and reliable. Our daily business as an “economic and private detective agency” is shaped by high quality service by providing our clients with valuable advice and help. We employ specialists with special police, military and intelligence service backgrounds.The results of our detective operations always comply with legal systems.

Our clients include individuals, lawyers and industrial customers. Our evaluation should document and substantiate reasonable suspicion of a civil or criminal nature (e.g.: mobbing, stalking, intrusion of privacy, disregard of patent law, company theft and sabotage, environmental offences, marriage lawsuit and many more).

During the initial interview our detective team will identify the challenges and assess the important information and evidence. They will conduct the meticulous preservation of evidence through the observation of legitimate practice to provide information and search results. These can be used as legal evidence for prosecution or defence cases.

CAMPUS SECURITY Detective Agency offers:

ECONOMIC INVESTIGATIONS - Performance Summary (i.a.):

• interception protection
• econmic crime defence
• preservation of evidence
• theft and fraud clarification
• collection procedure (including legal escort)
• store detective and/or doormen
• employee monitoring (sick leave, disloyality, etc.)
• individual monitoring
• special research /inquiry
• prevent or stop stalking or mobbing in your company
• asset control and research
• audio and video monitoring (according to current data protection regulations)
• breach of competition law

PRIVATE DETECTION - Performance Summary (i.a.):

• interception protection
• preservation of evidence
• divorce proceedings
• ownership security
• heir/heiress search
• neighbourhood discrepancies
• individual monitoring
• special research /inquiry
• custody matters
• stalking and mobbing
• alimony payment matters
• disloyality
• search for missing persons

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